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True Ninja by Beefpaper True Ninja by Beefpaper
BOO! >:D
It’s been a long while but I’m finally getting back to Beefpaper, and what better way to start off with than with an incredibly bad pun! WEOOP!
This is the old classic Beefpaper style that I have been longing to do for a while as I have really honestly missed making them like this, so here we are my friends. I do really apologize to those who were hoping to see a continuation from the ‘story’ of me being a vampire but to be honest I simply don’t have the time to make such lengthy comics nowadays with trying to prepare with for our upcoming wedding/apocalypse this June along with doing commissions and making Tizzy Stitchbird. It’s a little too much for one persons plate, and I have but a smaller stomach these days. (By the way if you want to see about commissions check out this page HERE----> And whose to say that I’m not going to go back and do those comics again later down the road, it’s a free world apart from all the things that cost money :D
Of course you can always read Tizzy if you are wanting to see similar stupid comics to those, minus the vampires and giant spiders as most of the things in it are based on real life conversations/happenings. If I do draw vampires and giant spiders in Tizzy then you know that things have gone terribly wrong.

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humandoomfox Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
noooooooooooooooo WhY wOn'T yOu BuIlD oUr MaChIne 
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